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We want today to be your success story day when you play online video poker. This is the game that millions of gamblers play at brick and mortar casinos all over the word, and now you can also play it at online casinos. It is cheaper and way more convenient to do so. First you do not need to spend any money on expenses such as transportation, accomodation or other unneccessary items. Then you do not get distracted. Also all game types are available at any moment you want to play them. And with online casinos you may get cash bonuses than no live casino will ever offer.


Gambling Addiction

Britney Spears, Gladys Knight, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson. What do these four people have in common?

They have the talent to wow the crowd, they have the moves to bring home the bacon and they are famous enough to be known around the world. These top stars are also earning huge amounts of money, but their fame and money are both at a downward spiral because of gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is a common enough problem that we see a lot of celebrities suffering from just a couple of symptoms to a full blown addiction. Gambling is a form of entertainment where people wage money or stakes on an event with uncertain outcome.

Whether you are a video poker player, spin the wheel at the roulette, play reels in slot machines, many people gamble because they want to have fun, relax or to win a lot of money. Though gambling in itself is not a bad thing, indeed there are even several benefits, the problems start to materialize when gamblers start to feel uncontrollable impulses to gamble.

Most gamers will end losing a significant amount of their money if they fall for a gambling addiction. Some lose control and more often than not, this will disrupt their lives and the people around them. Denial is common among gambling addicts and is one of the reasons why it is so hard for a player with a gambling addiction to seek aid.

A gambling addiction, a type of impulse-control behavior, is a mental disorder in which a gambler cannot stop gambling even if he wants to. Called as 'hidden illness' because symptoms are not felt or not evident, the gambling addiction has similar features to other addictive disorders but without the bodily effects of an intoxicating drug.

There are several ways for pinpointing symptoms of gambling addiction though.

Always thinking of gambling is one of the easily identifiable symptom of a gambling addiction. Take Gladys Knight's worst takes in gambling as an example: she just gets out of her bed and goes to a casino at 2:00 AM.

Lying, spending family or work time for gambling, feeling bad after losing but still not quitting and using other people's money. These are all recognizable features of a gambling addiction.

In order for a player to break that habit, he must first realize that he has a gambling addiction problem. Though it is not easy to accept it. It requires strength, courage and introspection to understand and believe one's objective to stop it.

One must also find a support system such as family members, co-workers or close friends to help listen to the worries and assist in the rehabilitation process. Medical treatment is also an approach to stop gambling such as psychotherapy, medications and self-help groups.

One way to stop a gambling addiction from recurring once curbed is altering past lifestyle and engaging in different hobbies. Stop thinking about gambling and do other things immediately.

It is also wise to get rid of credit cards and schedule recreational time with family and friends. Don't get near gambling establishments and avoid friends who go frequently to casinos.

Like everything else, gambling, when done in moderation, is never at all bad. The problems start when that pastime is played excessively.

Featured Online Casino

Featured Casino All Slots Casino: This casino is dedicated to the game of slots, but dont let that fool you. You will discover a multitude of games including many power poker games.

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Featured Video Poker Game

Feature Video Poker GameDeuces Wild is the most famous video poker game and a favorite of numerous players worldwide. In poker the deuce(a card with a face value of 2) is the weakest card, but not in 'Deuces Wild.

As he can stand in for any card in the deck. It is like if you had four 4 jokers at your disposal. When you have any number of deuces in your final hand, the game automatically assigns them to the card that gives you the largest possible payout. To learn more about this game click here.

Today's Video Poker Tip

Play each hand independently of what happened previously. In video poker or any casino game for that matter, the game has no memory of what just happened and the random number generator (software providing random results at each hand) has no memory either. So there is no need in remembering past hands, as each new hand will be totally separate and unrelated in any manner to the previous outcomes.

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